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Screenshot_2018-10-23 'The Hawk and the Blue Jay' Women's Chiffon Top by RodneyStyle.png

The Hawk and the Blue Jay

One evening I saw no less than five Blue Jays frantically perch upon my neighbors oak tree. Mere moments later, a shrill calamitous commotion pierced through the somber dusk for several seconds. Suddenly, a hawk emerged with a Blue Jay in its clutches!

Screenshot_2018-10-23 'The Earth Dragon' Graphic T-Shirt by RodneyStyle.png

The Earth Dragon

For those who are worthy, "The Green Dragon touches the atrophied orb and imbues it with vital essence. Surrounding him are symbols of nature, renewal, vitality and earth." In Alchemy the Green Dragon represents the active vital force. It has appeared to shed light on the disruptive thought patterns, or habits that the individual has been unconsciously harboring. The dragon brings these traits into our awareness so that we may choose to act upon them in a healthy way, and offers us the promise of renewal.

Screenshot_2018-10-23 'Dragon Phoenix Taiji' Contrast Tank by RodneyStyle.png

Dragon Phoenix Taiji

Interplay between Yin and Yang.