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Reflections on the 3 of Vessels
3 of Vessels

3 of Vessels

When you were a child, most of your friendships were circumstantial; you therefore made alliances with the people in your immediate environment, and with those who participated in activities you were involved with. In that regard, your options for a network were consequently limited.

As a young adult, as is typical, perhaps you were introduced to a wider cross section of people and you had a wider net.
But, are those people truly your “tribe”? Kindred spirits who share the same affinity?
The vast majority of people would probably say yes.

But what do you say?

Are you prepared to scrutinize the very individuals who you believe “define”you?

Thoughts welcome!
Agreements or disagreements welcome😊🦁 #unboxed #outsidethebox #comfortzones #discomfort #loyalty #trust #affiliation

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