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The Hawk, the Blue Jay & the Ten of Blades

This evening I saw no less than five Blue Jays frantically perch upon my neighbors oak tree. Mere moments later, a shrill calamitous commotion pierced through the somber dusk for several seconds. Suddenly, a hawk emerged with a Blue Jay in its clutches, flying away, being chased by the remaining Jay's; this is the nature of things. Such is the cycle of life, and in that regard there is nothing unusual about this story, bearing witness to the murder of a Blue Jay was still jarring nonetheless. Seeing something like that almost forces you to disrupt whatever banal thought patterns you may have about day to day life, and focuses your awareness on the moment at hand.
Upon later reflection, I couldn’t help but wonder how a scenario like this would present itself in the Tarot Cards, and what the possible message might be.

The entire episode unfolded in the air, which immediately brings our attention to the suit of Blades (Swords). The Ten of Blades, being the card that stands out for me in this particular context, due to the finality of the circumstances. Quite obviously it’s not a fun card to contemplate; however, it does help us to come to terms with the endings of things. The suit of Blades deals with the world of our thoughts, our intellect, and our ability to reason. Sometimes we may need to accept that a cherished perspective we have on something needs to be purged, to make room for other things, or for the good of the ecosystem (literal or figurative).

Alternately, sometimes we may need to be the Hawk, and actively seek out and dispatch the discordant clamoring of restlessness or distraction. Sometimes a thing just needs to be dealt with, and it needs to be done swiftly, adeptly with sheer focus and concentrated decisiveness.

Whatever the case may be, I hope that this short reflection may be of some use to you either now or at some future time when it is needed the most, blessings.

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Wayne Rodney (Artist & Creator)
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