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Time: The 8 of Sticks

“The 8 of Sticks” – Today’s random card draw.

It was only a matter of #time

Echoing what I’ve been saying to myself. So much to do, and time is precious.

Inspiration, obligations, determination. The daily grind…a cycle of rinse and repeat with punctuated with rare but appreciated intermittent bursts of spontaneity and excitement.

Life is the #alchemical crucible, where I learn to grow, be still and focus amidst the cacophony of

external factors. It is within the chaos and the conundrum that I will and must learn to wield #time. #Mastery is not a static state, there is no plateau, no stagnation. Mastery is constantly evolving, #learningnewthings

Learning when to take time and Make time for the #importantthings #people and #experiences

Have a blessed day!


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