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Time: The 8 of Sticks

“The 8 of Sticks” – Today’s random card draw.

It was only a matter of #time

Echoing what I’ve been saying to myself. So much to do, and time is precious.

Inspiration, obligations, determination. The daily grind…a cycle of rinse and repeat with punctuated with rare but appreciated intermittent bursts of spontaneity and excitement.

Life is the #alchemical crucible, where I learn to grow, be still and focus amidst the cacophony of

external factors. It is within the chaos and the conundrum that I will and must learn to wield #time. #Mastery is not a static state, there is no plateau, no stagnation. Mastery is constantly evolving, #learningnewthings

Learning when to take time and Make time for the #importantthings #people and #experiences

Have a blessed day!


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Rodney Illustrations
Of Vice and Folly: 5 of Vessels
5 of Vessels

5 of Vessels

Who among us is self aware enough to recognize our own vice and folly? We self medicate on escapism.
I am no sage. I am no holy man. I am no prophet.

Like everyone else, I was initiated into the rites of passage of adolescent societal norms. A world pre-defined by the media and by “tradition” #culture vs. #counterculture

Who is prepared to break away and walk the road less traveled… Or better yet to carve their own path into the unforgiving unknown?

Thoughts, agreements or disagreements welcome! 😊🦁❤ #consumerism #inebriation #insobriety #vice #meandering #unknownterritory #selfmedicate

Link to the Tarot cards:

Rodney Illustrations
Reflections on the 3 of Vessels
3 of Vessels

3 of Vessels

When you were a child, most of your friendships were circumstantial; you therefore made alliances with the people in your immediate environment, and with those who participated in activities you were involved with. In that regard, your options for a network were consequently limited.

As a young adult, as is typical, perhaps you were introduced to a wider cross section of people and you had a wider net.
But, are those people truly your “tribe”? Kindred spirits who share the same affinity?
The vast majority of people would probably say yes.

But what do you say?

Are you prepared to scrutinize the very individuals who you believe “define”you?

Thoughts welcome!
Agreements or disagreements welcome😊🦁 #unboxed #outsidethebox #comfortzones #discomfort #loyalty #trust #affiliation

Link to the Tarot cards:

Awakening the Creative Flame
Illustrator/Artist Wayne Rodney, speaking in Austin TX.

Illustrator/Artist Wayne Rodney, speaking in Austin TX.

On Saturday 10/13/2018 I had the pleasure of conducting a public workshop entitled “Awakening the Creative Flame” in North Austin. Throughout the seminar, we explored the relationship of art and mysticism, meditative as well as practical methods for how each person can tap into their creativity. One of the strategies we discussed was working with the tarot, and we used the Global Fusion Intuitive Deck in a couple of exercises. Thank you to everyone who participated in the event, and special thanks to the organizers for inviting me to speak, it was an exceptional day for me, and I truly enjoyed being with you all. Blessings!
For anyone interested in acquiring the Global Fusion Intuitive Deck, it may be found here:

Rodney Illustrations
The Hawk, the Blue Jay & the Ten of Blades

This evening I saw no less than five Blue Jays frantically perch upon my neighbors oak tree. Mere moments later, a shrill calamitous commotion pierced through the somber dusk for several seconds. Suddenly, a hawk emerged with a Blue Jay in its clutches, flying away, being chased by the remaining Jay's; this is the nature of things. Such is the cycle of life, and in that regard there is nothing unusual about this story, bearing witness to the murder of a Blue Jay was still jarring nonetheless. Seeing something like that almost forces you to disrupt whatever banal thought patterns you may have about day to day life, and focuses your awareness on the moment at hand.
Upon later reflection, I couldn’t help but wonder how a scenario like this would present itself in the Tarot Cards, and what the possible message might be.

The entire episode unfolded in the air, which immediately brings our attention to the suit of Blades (Swords). The Ten of Blades, being the card that stands out for me in this particular context, due to the finality of the circumstances. Quite obviously it’s not a fun card to contemplate; however, it does help us to come to terms with the endings of things. The suit of Blades deals with the world of our thoughts, our intellect, and our ability to reason. Sometimes we may need to accept that a cherished perspective we have on something needs to be purged, to make room for other things, or for the good of the ecosystem (literal or figurative).

Alternately, sometimes we may need to be the Hawk, and actively seek out and dispatch the discordant clamoring of restlessness or distraction. Sometimes a thing just needs to be dealt with, and it needs to be done swiftly, adeptly with sheer focus and concentrated decisiveness.

Whatever the case may be, I hope that this short reflection may be of some use to you either now or at some future time when it is needed the most, blessings.

Thoughts Welcome

Wayne Rodney (Artist & Creator)
The Global Fusion Intuitive Tarot Deck & Guidebook

Global Fusion Tarot Talk: Part One (Major & Minor Arcana)

The 1st video in our new web series Global Fusion Tarot Talk. In this episode we go over the basics and introduce the Major and Minor Arcana. We discuss some of the common attributes of the 4 suits, and explain what is meant by “The Fool’s Journey.” Thank you for watching. Please like and share!

Rodney Illustrations
Introducing The Global Fusion Intuitive Deck

Archetypes of the Tarot are ideal forms that teach us how to master nature and the elements. They sometimes appear to us when we are restless and bored with our usual routine. They silently urge us to unlock our full potential, and teach us how to understand the external world and the world within. Understanding the dynamic messages of these Tarot cards will help us to empower ourselves so that we can attract the things we desire. The Global Fusion Intuitive Tarot Deck encourages you to trust your inner voice and inspires you to live your dreams. There is no time like the present! Embark on this journey today, to discover more about your real potential! Uncover the mystery in The Global Fusion Intuitive Tarot Deck from Rodney Illustration.

Learn Tarot (Global Fusion) Web Series

Hi, my name is Wayne Rodney from Rodney Illustrations. I am the creator and author of The Global Fusion Tarot Deck and Guidebook. I’m here today to introduce my new web series and to speak a little bit on the backstory of my cards which became available in June of 2018. I created the deck to be a source of encouragement, inspiration, and empowerment through the use of archetypes, which I depicted in the Global Fusion style.

For newcomers to card reading as well as advanced practitioners, it should be relatively easy and exciting to read. I would describe it as a vibrant deck, full of symbolism, some conventional and other being unique to this particular set of Tarot cards.

What distinguishes the Global Fusion Deck from many of the already established traditional decks, like the Marseilles or the Rider-Waite-Smith sets, is that the Global Deck, as its name implies is a little bit more culturally diverse, as opposed to being primarily Eurocentric. The symbolism in my deck draws from a wide range of global cultures which have influenced me in one way or another. Aspects or icons of these cultures have then been fused together to create this new archetypal universe.

The idea for integrating the element of Fusion into the Tarot project stemmed from a year-long series of public discourses that I gave when I presided over a fraternal group in Dallas Texas in 2013. The central theme of those discourses was “correspondence and comparisons,” which aimed at fostering a better understanding and appreciation of World culture & Tradition in the context of Spirituality. We attempted to do this by investigating the similarities and consistencies between various global outlooks and spiritual practices both foreign and familiar to us. By doing this exploratory work, not only did I develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the principles that I was already familiar with, but it also became the basis for the concept of the fusion that I would later use in the cards. Speaking about these topics in a public forum helped me to develop a more syncretic outlook, by seeing the unifying thread between various metaphysical currents, and in so doing, it fostered a spirit of understanding, love and greater respect for those on other spiritual paths.

Some of the comparisons we explored in those discourses were “Transcendental Alchemy and Taoist Qigong,” the relationship between “Ceremonial Magic and Mysticism” and also “The Tantric Path versus The Ascetic Path.” Now that some time has passed, I’d like to dive back into that subject matter, and explain just a little bit further how all of this shaped the development of the Global Fusion Intuitive Deck. So I’m happy to announce that I’ll be starting a web series, and I’d love if you could join in, watch, ask questions and participate in the discussion. If you’re on YouTube or Vimeo, please hit the subscribe button, and like, share and leave a comment. I thank you for your time and hope to see you all soon! Blessings.

Origins of the Global Fusion Deck
"The Fool" Acrylic on Canvas

"The Fool" Acrylic on Canvas

The Global Fusion deck began as a series of paintings inspired by the Major Arcana in early 2008. They were essentially a coping mechanism, a method of healing from a personal tragedy that I had experienced in my family. The paintings were in many ways a part of a greater awakening that was taking place with me, as well as a call to action in a “this is part of your life’s purpose” kind of way. At the time that I had taken on this painting project, I knew a little, but had no idea just how truly vast and complex the subject matter that I was delving into would be. So at first, there was a lot of learning along the way. Studying, researching each card, as I took them on one at a time, beginning with “The Fool.” Luckily I was fortunate enough to be in the company of several people who were knowledgeable on the Tarot and related subjects like Numerology, Astrology, Kabbalah, Ritual Work, etc. They provided a sounding board for some of the concepts I wanted to explore; I’m thankful that I had that.
The interesting thing about working with the archetypes of the tarot has always been the episodes of synchronicity; the small coincidences that occur that seem to validate the course that you’re on. It persists to this day, and I still find it amazing, because it’s a reminder of the big picture. To everybody who’s been a part of this journey with me, thank you! And to the friends, family, and newcomers who are learning about this project for the first time, thank you for your time and support as well!

Welcome to the Grind
"10 of Sticks" The Global Fusion Intuitive Deck

"10 of Sticks" The Global Fusion Intuitive Deck

Working on this ten-year project felt at times like an uphill struggle, balancing responsibilities related to work and life. The key is to keep moving forward towards your goal, even if it’s in small increments. Just doing something simple every day can make a world of difference in the grand scheme of things. At any point along the way it’s easy to give up, but the longer that you’ve been on the path, and the more time, sweat and life-energy that you’ve invested, the less sense it makes to throw in the towel. Although there’s much more to do, now that the #GFID project is released, I can say unequivocally and without reservation, “the struggle” that brought me to this point was entirely and utterly worth the effort. If you’re out there reading this getting ready to hit the grind, feeling overwhelmed and bogged down with work, or other personal missions, don’t give up! Just stay focused and keep your eye on the prize. I wish you all the best. You can give yourself the tools to assist you as you contemplate your next steps, learn the Tarot today. The Global Fusion Intuitive Tarot Deck is available now here: Buy the Tarot Cards