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Wayne Rodney - Artist

Wayne Rodney - Artist

Wayne Rodney is an American painter and illustrator, born in the beautiful island of Jamaica; he also runs a private martial arts studio and is a student of Rosicrucian mysticism. Rodney produces paintings and illustrations under the moniker Rodney Illustrations; the focus is on creating what he describes as “Enigmatic global fusion intuitive artwork.” The artwork is informed by traditional influences with contemporary sensibilities, with the aim of inspiring, motivating and encouraging everyone to live their dreams.


Group Exhibitions

2009: Art Is…
Michael Robinson, Natalie Barnes, Ackindele Hickling,
Andrea Haynes-Peart & Wayne Rodney
2005: JCDC Visual Arts
Bronze Medal Awarded for "Red Dragon"
Certificate of Merit for "Invest"
2005: "Art Exhibition"
Wayne Rodney, Shirley Rodney
& Jacquelyn Hussey-Pearson
Redbones Café
New Kingston
2002: "Untitled"
Michael Robinson, Wayne Rodney
Grosvenor Galleries
2001: "Art Professionals Group Exhibition"
Jamaica Grande
Ochos Rios
2001: "Caravan"
Audrey Lynch, John Campbell, Michael Robinson, &
Wayne Rodney
Redbones Cafe
New Kingston, Jamaica
2001: "Young Generation"
Mutual Life Gallery
New Kingston, Jamaica
2000: "Gateways & Scrolls"
Audrey Lynch, John Campbell,
Michael Robinson, Wayne
Cherry Gardens
St. Andrew, Jamaica
2000: "Young Generation"
Mutual Life Gallery
New Kingston, Jamaica
Solo Exhibitions
2001: "Wayne Rodney"
Redbones Cafe
New Kingston

Global Fusion Intuitive Deck

The Global Fusion Intuitive Tarot Deck began as a series of paintings inspired by the Major Arcana in early 2008. They were essentially a coping mechanism, a method of healing from a personal tragedy that I had experienced in my family. The paintings were in many ways a part of a greater awakening that was taking place with me, as well as a call to action in a “this is part of your life’s purpose” kind of way. At the time that I had taken on this painting project, I knew a little, but had no idea just how truly vast and complex the subject matter that I was delving into would be. So at first, there was a lot of learning along the way. Studying, researching each card, as I took them on one at a time, beginning with “The Fool.” Luckily I was fortunate enough to be in the company of several people who were knowledgeable on the Tarot and related subjects like numerology, astrology, Kabbalah, Ritual Work, etc. They provided a sounding board for some of the concepts I wanted to explore; I’m thankful that I had that.

The interesting thing about working with the archetypes of the tarot has always been the episodes of synchronicity; the small coincidences that occur that seem to validate the course that you’re on. It persists to this day, and I still find it amazing, because it’s a reminder of the big picture. To everybody who’s been a part of this journey with me, thank you! And to the friends, family, and newcomers who are learning about this project for the first time, thank you all for your time and support as well! Now that it’s finally complete, and I feel a tremendous sense of relief. I’m exhausted but exuberant, and I hope the work will be well received. It is now out of my hands, and into yours. Who’s up for a game of cards?